Why Does A Nuru Massage Feel So Good?

Nuru massage is an ancient massage that hails from Japan. This is an erotic massage where the masseuse will apply a good amount of gel on her body and she will slide herself against the body of the customer. The gel is organic, harmless and odourless. While the other massage girls use their fingers and hands to massage the client, the nuru girls will slide her nude body against the naked body of the client. Both the masseuse and the customer should indulge themselves in the activity and the aim is not slip away from each other during the massage. The idea behind the massage is create more eroticism and charge the individuals involved in the massage.

Although the practise of this massage started in the Kawasaki City in ancient period, it is gaining great popularity today. The massage is ideally conducted on a table but some clients wish to enjoy it on a mattress. The nuru gel is made up of seaweed called Nori. Along with this, the gel has natural antioxidants present, which moisturises the body, and it is not at all harmful. Without the gel, there will be no excitement of the nuru massage.

As per a survey, 40 percent of the males visit the nuru massage studios. However, the data is yet ambiguous. This trend is taking off in the United States and more and more men are found to visit the nuru massage studios of regular basis. The most erotic part of the massage is that the masseuse is completely naked during the massage and the client is excited to indulge himself in the massage as soon as he hears about this fact. Practitioners say that the benefits of the nuru massage in Nyc is much more than the eroticism involved in it. The benefits are:

Improved blood circulation
Reduced stress
Boosted up immune system
Increased feeling of affections between the couples

It is true that men are the largest customers of the nuru massage in the country but even women are found to attend nuru massages off late. It is been observed that the number of women taking this massage service has increased tremendously. Most of the practitioners are women and for lesbians, it is a boon. They can fully express their sensuality with the masseuse that they cannot otherwise in their regular lifestyle. For the heterosexual women, it is great platform to express their wild sexual desire and response.

If you are looking forward to add some spice to your dull life, nuru massage is the best for you.

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