5 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Erotic Massage

Getting an erotic massage in New York is a dream of many. If you have made up your mind to go for one, we would like you to know the following things before you enter the massage parlour. You may call them rules, regulations, guidelines or protocols but you to consider them and follow them when you are experiencing the erotic massage.

1.It is not only about sexual satisfaction
The experience of an erotic massage New York is judged in three ways, physical, mental and sexual. People pay more attention to the last one but the fact is, an erotic massage aims to provide absolute relaxation to the mind and body apart from the erotic element.

Erotic massage facilitates the way to achieve a complete satisfaction. Most of the clients forget that their tension is directly related to the sexual stress in their life. When the back and shoulders are rubbed and caressed, the process automatically releases the pressure from the mind. The erotic massage will release the pressure from the sexual areas as well and at the end, the client will be completely relaxed to go home.

2. Control your breath
People often think that the erotic massage will take you to heights of pleasure and there is nothing here. However, the client needs to understand that this massage aims at testing the controlling and patience of a person.

Let us explain this further. In the erotic massage, the masseuse will caress you and take you to the extreme heights of pleasure and she will leave you when you are on the verge of orgasm. She will again come back, take to you to the heights of pleasure and leave you. This builds up your patience to control your emotions.

Try to control your breath and it will help you to improve your sex drive, control the premature ejaculation and the overall sexual experience.

3 Take a shower
Do not come for a massage when you are stinking with sweat. How would you feel when someone comes to you for a massage in this condition? Reach the massage parlour fresh and if you are reaching directly from your work, take a shower at the parlour itself.

4 Let your worries go away
You need to let go of your worries completely. Do not pay attention to you daily stress and responsibilities and just focus on the soft strokes of the masseuse’s hands. Do not miss the heavenly experience of the massage and be aware of every sensation the masseuse in putting your through.

5 Masseuses are not prostitutes
Erotic massage is a technique for pleasure as well as relaxation. The masseuses are not prostitutes and you cannot take them like that. It takes great effort to learn these massage techniques and controlling oneself from indulging into wrong activities.

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