Can I talk to you on the phone before booking a session?

You surely can. Feel free to call us at +1.646.902.1085 with any questions you might have.

Can I take a shower before/after the session?

You most certainly can. In fact, it’s imperative to start a session with a clean and refreshed body. You can also rinse off after the session.

Do you offer “extras” or other services in addition to massage?
We do not offer any “extras”. Our ladies are professional masseuses and have their own set of personal boundaries which they expect to have respected. We provide phenomenal sensual massages but not escort services (no sex, no oral).

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage offers an enormous amount of benefits for your body, mind and soul. Here are just a few of them:

  • helps relieve stress and aids relaxation;
  • helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness;
  • reduces symptoms of depression;
  • stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin;
  • improves sleep;
  • reduces pain and swelling;
  • increases joint flexibility;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • nourishes the skin;
  • strengthens immune system;
  • creates peace of mind.

When should I book a massage session?
You can book a session the morning you want to visit our masseuses or at least two hours before the procedure to ensure all necessary preparations are done. Pay attention to the fact that the longer you start thinking about booking our services, the lower your chances of having a session with your favorite masseuse. If you want to make everything perfect, book your therapy even earlier than the same morning.

Is it possible to just come to us and select any masseuse who is free now?
Yes, you can get a wonderful massage session with any of our beautiful masseuses who are free now. However, if you want everything to be perfect, it's better to select your therapist beforehand.

How to prepare for a Nuru massage session?
There is no need for preparation for your therapy. Just come to our girls and enjoy pleasant touches. However, you can also read about such a procedure beforehand.

What will the masseuse be wearing during the session?
If you want to add some intimacy to your massage, you can ask your therapist to take off all her clothes and stay naked during the entire session.

Is it possible to take a shower before and after a massage?
Our rooms are equipped with shower facilities and clean towels. That's why you can take it whenever you want. We also allow all our guests to take their own toiletries with them if they want.

Do you clean your shower facilities after each client?
Of course, we follow all required hygienic standards to avoid any inconveniences for our guests. That's why we clean everything after each customer, and you shouldn't be afraid of any harm to your health.

What's the shortest time I can book my massage session?
It's possible to book your therapy 30 minutes before it starts. However, if you want to get complete relaxation and forget about any rush, it's better to book your massage session as early as possible.

What's the longest time I can book my massage session?
We don't have such time limits. We understand that relaxation in the evening is one of the most significant parts of a busy day. That's why booking your therapy in advance will let you get a session with one of the most skillful and beautiful masseuses working with us.

Is it possible to book for the entire night?
Of course, you can book for the entire night. Such a session will let you have both joy and complete relaxation. Thanks to our wonderful masseuses, this time will be spent in pleasure and fantastic sensations.

Is it possible to massage me and my friend at the same time by one or two masseuses?
Yes, you can get such therapy. It's helpful if you feel a bit anxious during the session or enjoy being social while being massaged. If you want everything to be perfect, please tell us you want to be with your friend in advance.

Is it possible to get a discount if I've been massaged by your girls for a long time or is it possible to get a group discount if I'm going to a session with my pals?
To satisfy all our guests, we follow all the requirements and avoid any inconveniences. Furthermore, we appreciate the most loyal visitors and to show our respect, we offer them to join our generous loyalty program. To find out more about such opportunities, please contact us via email.

Why doesn't anybody pick up my call?
Sometimes our receptionists are too busy and can put your call on hold. However, as soon as they are free, they will call you and answer all your questions.

Do you post real photos of your masseuses?
Of course, we publish only photos of girls working with us. We update them regularly to ease your selection while choosing a masseuse for your fantastic session.

Why are your services so expensive?
We do our best to satisfy all your needs. Only experienced masseuses work with us so that you will feel only pleasure. To correspond with high standards, we use natural oils, and all this is included in the price of each session.

Can I get any allergies with your gels and lotions?
During massage sessions, our girls are using only natural products that don't contain any low-quality compounds. If you're afraid of having allergic reactions, you can test our products on a small area of your skin beforehand.

Where are your services provided?
Our massage rooms are located in the most comfortable areas in New York. That's why it's easy to arrive at our place from any part of the city. All our rooms are equipped with everything our masseuses need to make your therapy perfect.

Do you do in-calls or out-calls?
We have both in-calls and out-calls. In both cases, you can get fantastic services. Out-call sessions are a bit more expensive because transportation expenses are included in the price.

Are your massage therapies addictive?
We try to satisfy all your secret desires during massage sessions, and with our beauties, you can definitely get addicted to such therapies. But it won't bring you any inconvenience and make your life even more pleasant.