Anna’s Tales: What NOT To Bring To A Body Rub

Taking a Bodyrub in New York is not as easy as it seems. It is true that you are anxious to get touched by the masseuse and you are doing your best not to show off the same. It is required that you remain calm and composed in the massage room. Bodyrub New York is nothing but a massage technique where essential oils are used to relax the mind, body and soul of the customer. As soon as you enter the massage room, you will observe a partly naked female who is not weighing more than 100 pounds, have no hair on her except her head and she is urging you to take off your clothes so that she can start her work.

There is nothing to feel shy about. With clothes, you cannot think of getting a massage. If the underwear has to be on, the masseuse will tell you this. Otherwise, you should straight to the washroom, have a shower, come out completely naked, and lie down on the massage bed or table. You just have to focus on the massage and forget all your daily worries and tensions. However, take care of the following things:

  1. The masseuse is not a prostitute and hence, as you are allowed to express your feelings, you are not allowed to cross your limits. If you do so, you can be put behind the bars.
  2. The massage allows to invoke the senses but not at the cost of indulging the masseuse into a forceful sex.

If you are nervous for your Bodyrub in New York, look at the following recommendations:

  1. Pick a lady who is well reviewed on the local websites. Reviews are the best way to go. If she has good reviews, this means she knows her job well and she will satisfy your desires as well.
  2. Keep your genitals tidy. Remove any excess hair from the body so that the masseuse does not feel uncomfortable during the massage.
  3. Do not have any stupid conversation over the mobile phone. Although the erotic massages are popular in the state, some words still cannot be used in public. If you wish to question her, meet in person and ask whatever you want to.
  4. If you have a friend who keeps on going for massages, get a referral from him. We know you want to keep this as your secret but if you have a close friend, you can take his help to get an appointment.

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