Pick Your Pleasure: Nuru Massage or Nuru Extreme

Everyone has his/her own definition to enjoy the Nuru massage New York. Some like it hot and some like it sizzling but the ultimate aim of everyone behind the massage is to experience extreme pleasure. We all like it when we are being caressed completely naked by the professional masseuse who herself is naked and soaked with the Nuru gel.

There are two stages of a Nuru massage in New York. In the first stage, the pleasure will be slow and easy, tantalizing and sensuous while your emotions reach the heights of pleasure. The first 20 minutes of the Nuru massage is like foreplay of the sexual yearning. Your whole body will experience the pleasure from each corner and side, and here all your fantasies will come true.

When you see your beautiful naked masseuse running her soft fingers against your body, caressing your dick with her boobs, contemplating her body soaked with the slippery Nuru gel, you are at the verge of fulfilling all your fantasies at the Nuru studio.

The next part of the massage is the Nuru extreme, which is a hot shot of the Japanese massage art. This massage is designed for people who like to experience maximum intensity and there is no slow on the menu. Here, the masseuse will bathe your and her body with the Nuru gel and tantalise you to the core until you are yearning hard to join your body with hers.

She will tempt you and tease you while rubbing her chest against your face then chest and slowly towards your genital parts. She will take her lips to your ears and whisper to invoke your desire and explore your hunger to indulge more.

The next 45-minute session will be intense, body to body, curve to curve, and the masseuse will discover each part of your body. She might touch you at some points, which not even your partner could locate. Your appetite will swell and you will be at extreme edge of ecstatic relief.

Amidst this intense feeling, the wall-to-wall mirror adds to the charm of the massage. When you can observe your body and your masseuse’s body from each angel, every moment and every move will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Nuru massage is a dream come true, once you take a Nuru massage in New York, you will come back to it again.

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