Why Massage Feels So Good

Getting massage feel so good and amazing. You will begin to feel good as soon as you enter the therapist room for a massage. The feeling to stay in a quiet room with good aroma around, soothing music and soft hands to move around your body makes you fantasize the best times of your life. As soon as the massage starts, all your tied up tension will release gradually with the power of touch.

Read below and you will understand how the massage works on your body:

The shift of awareness

Once you settle on the massage table, you remain still and you just focus on the rhythm of your breathe without worrying of the stress of the world. You are completely engrossed in the current moment and enter the stage of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the state in which you remain in the present moment and you do not think of what happened in the past and not apprehensive of the future to come. You are not reactive and you are at absolute peace when the therapist moves his hands over your body.

The brain releases the feel-good chemical

Generally, it is considered good to give head massages even at home and when you are getting an effective massage from the therapist, it is like the best thing ever happening to you. When the therapist touches you, your body immediately releases the pressure, they send signals to the brain, and the brain, in turn, releases the feel-good chemical. This is a sign that the client likes the therapy. This way the stress hormone in the body, starts decreasing making the person feel good and active.

Your brain responds to smell and aroma

The use of aromatherapy is very beneficial during the massage and most of the therapist insists the use of aromatic oils during the massage. When the fragrant oils are applied to your bare skin, your skin starts responding to the therapy well. There are different oils like lavender oil, grapefruit oil which has their own properties and poses different benefits to the mind and body of the client.

When the client goes for hot water bath after the therapy, the oils produces good reactions with hot water making the person feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Your Body and Mind Functions better

Last but not the least; massage will make you feel better at the end. You will come out as a different individual when your mind will be stress-free and you are ready to take up all the responsibilities in your again.

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