What Is A Body Rub Massage?

Massage treatments can be therapeutic, and it helps to relieve physical and mental stress. Getting a massage with the right techniques and products can give relief from stress and body aches, promote a feeling of well-being, help to improve libido and overall leave one feeling happy and rejuvenated.

What is a body rub?

A body rub is a product that is used to give a massage. It serves as a lubricant and a medicine while providing a massage.

A body rub can come in the form of an oil, gel or a lotion. Often, multiple products are combined to achieve results that can solve a problem that a person has.

A good body-rub can also help to combat conditions such as dry and flaky skin and promote a smooth and soft skin.

Oil body rubs can be mustard oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, or a combination of these. Nut-based oils are gaining a lot of popularity now. Aromatic oil blends extracted from flowers and spices are mixed with these base oil body-rubs. These aromatic oils are known to have a profound impact on the senses and can serve to reduce stress, promote blood circulation, relieve pain and serve as an aphrodisiac.

Gels, such as the Nori gel used for the intimate Nuru massage is also a kind of body rub. There are many more varieties of gel-based body rubs. These can also be combined with aroma oils to achieve the effect desired.
Massage lotions are pre-mixed creams in liquid format. The most notable characteristic of a massage lotion is that it already has an aroma and does not need to be mixed with any other thing. They are generally less lubricating, so copious amounts are needed while performing a massage with these lotions.

What is the function of a body rub?

A body rub reduces the friction between a masseuse’s hand or body and the client’s body while performing a massage. It has lubricating properties that allow bodies to glide over each other without causing pain.
Another important function of the body-rub is to act as a medicine to penetrate through the skin and relieve pain, promote circulation and allow the body to rejuvenate itself.

If a body rub is aromatic by itself or has an aromatic component added to it, it also serves to bring about a feeling of wellness.

A dry massage without a body rub is not too pleasurable. Body rubs are an integral part of any massage, and the use of good body rubs elevates any massage experience to the next level.

Body Rub New York

Erotic Massage in New York uses some of the best body rub products for their massage. The Nori gel used in Nuru Massage is tasteless, odorless and harmless when swallowed. The body rubs used in Erotic Massage in New York complement the masseuse’s talents and techniques and add to the overall enchanting experience.

All the body rubs used in Erotic Massage in New York are safe, even for the most sensitive skin. They are specially designed to bring more pleasure to your erotic massage experience.

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