Nuru Massage

The most intimate..  the most fun massage! The whole hour of body to body experience! Slide up .. slide down.. We forgot to mention - you both absolutely naked.

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Massage Her

Sometimes you just need to explore... Book 'Massage her' session to travel to the land of Pleasure. Make her moan.. Maker her body shiver..

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Double Trouble

Double the fun! Invite third model to join! Two smiles, two bodies, 4 talented hands. Feel like a king in your own kingdom. Erotic hour - double pleasure.

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Erotic massage, body rub, nuru & tantra in Midtown East, Manhattan, New York City, NY (NYC)

Define your relaxation. Embrace your desires. New York is the city of freedom. Make it happen. Escape in the middle of the day. No one has to know about your little adventure. Book your favorite model. You deserve it.

At our private spa, we strive to provide the best service possible. Our VIP experience starts with this website. See real pics, read real reviews, leave your own review after your session, and get rewarded for being loyal and honest. We can't wait to see you again.

Lay on the massage table, and we will take you to the moon and back. Silky touch, smooth skin, perky breasts... You are here for a REAL treat. Our models are between 23 and 27 yo. They are very passionate about this; you'll be too—time to release the tension, time for some real fun. No full service.

Why choose

You can easily find so many options for a Body rub in New York today. Massage or body rubs have initially been invented to give pleasure to men. After a hard day, you want to relax somewhere. Why not do it in the dimmed massage room with a sexy masseuse? To look after you, a beautiful girl, whose main task is a pleasure by touching your body. Ironically, ladies can also use the service. It is essential for a girl to love and pamper herself with a massage. Sometimes they need more relaxation than boys. The result is equally suitable for everyone.

Body rubs NYC is one destination for a Couple’s Massage NYC. Despite the intimate situation during body rubs, NY, there is nothing to worry about. After all, massage is not a chaotic movement on your body. This is a thoughtful plan, which is performed by a real masseuse. NYC body rub. We combine Bodyrubs with tinctures that absorb the power of hundreds of herbs and give you an extraordinary charge of vivacity. For the years of work of our salon, thousands of people have experienced all the incredible healing power possessed by the massage systems created by our nuru models.

After a hard day at work, you want to fully relax and have a rest. An excellent solution for relaxation will be a massage done with the gentle hands of a beautiful masseuse. Only here you can take a rest from a long day and forget about any negativity in your life. Pleasant erotic massage perfectly relieves fatigue and gives a good mood. Visit our studio today:)

Perfect Massage For Stress

July 5, 2018

Nuru Massage New York makes you feel better about your own self. It is a perfect stress reliver it creating soft sensation throughout the body which hydrate your body. Nuru massage relaxed very core of your muscles and revitalized your body. It moisturized and supple your skin in best way that you left in heavenly pleasure. Nuru massage is brilliant way to feed your body with antioxidants to give you prime most cheerful manner. Nuru massage cleanse skin detoxify it and moisturizer it with gentle smooth movement on your body. Nuru massage gel easily absorb into the skin and make…

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A Massage Technique To Detoxify Your Skin

July 4, 2018

A completed ex foliating massage that heal you and gives you pleasure. Erotic massage is a way to make one relaxed and feel good about themselves. It’s a state of utter defines un-forgetful pleasure that last long with you. Massage leads towards mentally and physically relaxation with the feeling of deep nourishment of your skin and tissues. Erotic massage Nyc gives best services that make you experience excellent and extra ordinary. Smooth supple hand movements on your body that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and unleash your self-esteem. It’s a totally exotic way to relaxation and get…

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Ultimate Pleasure And Relaxation of Massage

July 3, 2018

Body need a treatment that is relaxing and pleasure to deal with everyday life situations. Massage make muscles versatile and flexible with immediate effects. In hard life and all stress, we are dealing everyday our body need some movements of joy and happiness. Body rub is a technique of massage in which you get oil treatments on your body with circular motion of hands and wrist. Massages have different name and techniques, to simulating your blood flow. It’s give you a joy and cheerful feeling that last long even after massage session. It’s a stress buster and total reliever experience…

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Regenerate Your Body Muscles And Tissues With Erotic Massage

July 2, 2018

Massage is an ancient art, there are different types and ways to do it since old ages. Day by day it’s getting better & better, new ways adding up more impact in it. It helps to tighten your skin make it healthier, it cures pain and soreness deep down to your muscles tissues. Physiotherapist use this massage technique to reduce pain and solve injury issues. They treat sports person and accidental cases to make their body part to move or to work again. An ambiance can lift your mod or can make it dull it’s all deepens on it. lights…

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Youthful And Boastful Combination of Pleasure

June 11, 2018

Sensual body massage is one of the famous massages to give your body what it deserves with unique spicy way. Sensual body massage NYC helps to remove dead skin cells as well as make your skin active. This deep massage makes you stress free and melts away your tension or depression very quickly. It’s a total complete relaxation and sensual sensation. Massage is an effective way to build intimacy and closeness to giving pleasure through touching your body. Massage help to improvise your blood circulation and blood flows. Massage is important thing its bring the attitude that you are getting…

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Joyful And Passionate Way To Rejuvenate Your Skin

June 8, 2018

Erotic massage can do wonders for you, can leave you with spectacular benefits. It helps treat premature ejaculation in body, full personal growth, complete stress reliever, treats well problems of anxiety and other psychological issues, improved blood flow in body, help in building strength your muscles and relax them, promotes and increase fertility, beneficial for heart and other body organs, helps to improves social interactions, make relationship fill with excitement and joy, detoxifies your body and skin. Erotic massage is best to release of healthy hormones and stimulate body, make it relax the tightness the muscles. Massage relax body and…

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Body To Body Supreme Pleasure Experience

June 5, 2018

Nuru is a Japanese word which means slippery, massage itself defines an ultimate pleasure of body relaxation. In Nuru Massage they use a special kind of gel which is made of deep seaweed it is colorless, tasteless, and extremely smooth. This gel will rub against your entire body with smooth slide slippery way. This gel makes your skin glowing and attractive in looks with complete deep-down pleasure. This erotic massage takes you comfort level to another level make you more energetic and relaxed. Massage stimulate blood and remove harmful toxic from skin leaves it fresh and fabulous. Nuru massage bring…

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Best Life Time Experience

June 4, 2018

As name says erotic body rub massage is a sensuous massage to give one complete pleasure and relaxation that they deserve. Erotic massage is a wonderful way to relax and feel joyful about yourself. This massage let yourself fall in deep sense of relaxation, connection to explore pleasure. Erotic massage allows you to re-discover yourself in utter excitement and explore the hidden energy of body. Exotic message can tone and relax your muscles and tissues, it adds flexibility in your body remove all stiffness. It is a body to body massage that relax every core of your body and leave…

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Rejuvenate Your Body And Soul

June 1, 2018

Rejuvenate Your Body And Soul A massage is responsible for creating utterly relaxed body and peaceful mind. Its provide mental, physical and sexual pleasure to your body which revitalize you soul. it’s a massage in which a gel, oil or lotion rubbed on your body. Body rub is sensual and erotic technique of massage that increases your ability and stimulate sensual sensation. It’s a best relaxation, natural way to reduce anxiety and effective stress reliever. Body rub manipulates, body tissues involves body healing therapy that combination of pressure points. Body rub is a motion of hands on your body that…

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