Nuru massage in NYC is a frank practice that involves massaging a man with a slippery naked body. In Japanese, the word Nuru means “smooth.” The essence of this erotic massage technique in NY is that the masseuse puts on a special odorless gel, and then comes into contact with the man’s body, instantly turns it on and slowly leads to ecstasy.

The basics of Nuru massage

In Nuru massage in NYC, the specialist uses her legs, thighs and breasts. This erotic massage session is done so that the guest feels all the power and splendor of the procedure, exchanged with the masseuse energy based on ancient traditions of the East.

At this session, the guest is mentally transferred to Japan, a mysterious country of erotic desires and their fulfillment.

The main component

The main tool that Nuru massage in Manhattan cannot do without is a special gel. The product is not preheated. The girl puts on a cool gel. And such a contrast, as hot skin and cold lubricant, excites even more.

This gel has almost no odor, but it can maximize pleasure, as well as provide full physical relaxation and give spiritual relief. The body lotion can only contain natural components:

  • Sea algae;
  • Scarlet faith;
  • Chamomile extract;
  • Natural moisturizers.

The lack of chemicals makes this gel absolutely safe for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Therefore, this erotic massage is worth a try for every man who wants to diversify everyday life and realize his innermost fantasies.

Nuru massage in NY technology

The naked masseuse invites the client to the massage table, where everything is already prepared, the light is dimmed, candles are lit and pleasant music is turned on. The specialist asks to start an unearthly pleasure. For this purpose, she acts according to the method created in ancient Japan:

  • The beauty takes a bottle of special gel and pours it on herself and the guest. Meanwhile, a man watches the droplets flowing down the masseuse’s skin, covering her chest and body.
  • The masseuse leans down on the guest and starts to caress him slowly, smoothly and without hesitation. She rubs man’s torso, abdomen, goes down to the thighs and below. When she approaches his genitals, the client flashes like a fire full of passion and desire.
  • The masseuse rubs herself against the strong body of the man. The masseuse’s movements are smooth and sensual in the beginning. This beautiful girl will touch every part of the man’s body, enjoying this erotic massage in Manhattan herself. After a while, she will increase the tempo, will stick even more to the client.
  • By sliding her hips along the man’s body, wrapping her hips around the body, the masseuse will have an effect on all muscles. She will move passionately and uncontrollably. The client will not experience such a deep intimacy anywhere except in the relaxation of the girls in our salon.
  • Gradually her movements will become more frank, erotic. A Nuru massage session will become so exciting that the guest will no longer be able to restrain himself.

Japanese Nuru massage in New York is the key that opens the door not only to exquisite pleasure and fabulous pleasure but also to the recovery of the whole body.