Nuru Massage Just As An End To Mental Stress

Stress is often accumulated in the body and the mind, leaving us with a tight, uncomfortable feeling, that does not seem to get relieved even after sleeping well.

While physical stress is easy to diagnose and treat, it is mental stress that often takes a toll on people.

What is mental stress?

Mental stress has no tangible form. It may manifest itself as anger, an inability to perform well at work, depression, suicidal and other negative thoughts. Left untreated, mental stress can lead to extreme depression and in exaggerated cases, to suicide.

What are the triggers for mental stress?

Mental stress can be triggered by extreme work pressure, challenges in relationships, social and peer pressure and other problems in life. A person is overwhelmed by situations over which he or she does not have a control on, and that triggers stress in the mind.

How can mental stress be treated?

Mental stress can be treated by visiting a psychologist or simply by talking to another person. In extreme cases, doctors may prescribe anti-depressants, but these can be notoriously addictive and can cause harm in the long run.

Are there any alternative treatments for mental stress?

Techniques like Yoga, Meditation, exercise, spa therapies etc. have a profound impact on mental stress, and they are safe to do as compared to medication to treat mental stress.

The Japanese Nuru Massage is one such alternative technique that is known to have an immediate and long-lasting effect on mental stress. Hormones that cause a happy feeling and a feeling of well-being are triggered when a person is subjected to this massage.

What exactly is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a very ancient Japanese massage technique. It is a sensual and erotic massage method which involves full body contact made between two people who are fully nude.

The female masseuse applies a tasteless and odorless gel cream, made from Japanese seaweed, called as “Nori” on to her own body. This gel has tremendous medicinal properties, and it is known to be very effective for relieving stress.

Once the gel is applied to the masseuse’s body, she applies the same gel on to the client’s body in very relaxing, rhythmic and sensual motions. Once both the bodies are covered with the gel, a body-to-body rub is started by the masseuse.

When the bodies are in contact, it results in a highly erotic experience, which serves to relieve both physical and mental stress in the client. The body rub triggers extreme pleasure, which serves to remove negative thoughts and feelings from the mind.

At the end of the session, the relief felt is palpable. The client is left de-stressed and rejuvenated.

How does Nuru Massage work to reduce stress?

Touch is a very powerful mechanism for reducing stress. When a person touches another on the skin, it triggers a feeling of happiness, especially when the touch is soft, caring and erotic. Nuru massage combines the power of this erotic touch with the magic of Nori seaweed gel to banish any traces of mental stress.

Where can I Get Nuru Massage in New York?

Erotic Massage in New York provides the best Nuru Massage in York. They have trained masseuse, who know just the right techniques, apply just the right pressure and take you to places you have never been to before. It is an experience that can leave you fresh, rejuvenated and ready to face the world.

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