Foot fetish massage

Until quite recently, a sexual fetish was something that had to be hidden away for most people. Recently, however, there has been a significant turn towards more openness that has contributed to a more open atmosphere.

Of all the fetishes that humans develop, perhaps the most common one is the foot fetish. Foot fetishes have been depicted in films for decades, albeit quite often in a humorous manner. The general ‘acceptance’ in popular culture of this fetish probably suggests that many more people have it than would like to admit.

So, exactly what is a foot fetish? In this article, we take a closer look at that question and delve a little deeper into why something as seemingly innocuous as the foot can trigger such strong feelings of sexual arousal in so many people.

What is a foot fetish?

Foot Fetish

A fetish is any aid to sexual arousal that does not involve the human sexual organs and is instead triggered by other erogenous zones and even inanimate objects. It follows that a foot fetish is an overt focus on a sexual partner’s feet as a means of sexual gratification.

No one knows what causes foot fetishes but we do know that male foot fetish enthusiasts are very passionate about a body part that is often ignored in relationships.

Male and female roles

As it is with most things of a sexual nature, men tend to be more prone to developing foot fetishes. On the other hand, most women also acknowledge that the foot is one of the most vividly erogenous zones of their body.

It follows that almost all heterosexual couples that include foot fetish play in their sexual interaction have the female as the recipient of lavish attention on her feet by the male. The degree of control varies – some women like to lie back and just enjoy the attention while others take on a more dominant, and perhaps even forceful role.

Couples that are able to find a balance between their individual foot fetish needs are the happiest. There is no foot fetish definition for every single pair of lovers and a journey of openness and understanding is the best way to give and receive the most satisfying pleasure.

Different types of foot fetishes

Because human beings are such imaginative and enigmatic creatures, the gamut of foot fetishes runs a very wide range. There is the basic appreciation of the shape and size of the foot, an attraction to particular parts of the foot, and then more extreme variations like foot gagging and trampling. Feet lovers get their thrills in amazingly diverse ways considering that they focus on such a tiny and from what others may term an unerotic part of the body.

Basic fetishes

For some men, the fetish is rather mild. They enjoy looking at and appreciating the size and especially the shape of women’s feet. Many of them express a preference for small, fair and dainty feet. Another common desire is to see the arch of the foot, particularly when it is a high curve. Some sex education experts have theorised that this inclination stems from the involuntary arching of the foot that accompanies the female orgasm.

Others like to look at the sole and say that a soft, pink, well-maintained foot is the most exciting part of a woman’s body to them.

Also among the more common foot fetishes is one that focuses on the colour of the nails. Some men prefer a completely natural, unpolished look while others like the classic French pedicure. Older traditionalists usually like red nail polish on their women.

More extreme fetishes

For some men, their foot fetish desires intersect with bondage and domination fantasies. In such cases, there is an element of humiliation that accompanies the sexual interplay. This is where matters go considerably beyond what a couple can handle amongst themselves and gives rise to the foot dominatrix.

A professional foot dominatrix, though hired by the client, is completely in charge of the sexual episode. Here, the role of the foot at the bottom of the body is used as a tool to demean the recipient. The dominatrix may be in her bare feet or she may wear erotic footwear. Stilettoes, very high heels, thigh-high boots are common here, especially ones made of latex.

The humiliation element may involve ‘worshipping’ a sweaty foot in spite of the odour by kissing and licking it. The foot may be rubbed on the man’s face and other parts of his anatomy. There is the ‘foot-job’, which is a variant of the classic handjob – it involves a woman placing a penis between her feet and stimulating it until the male orgasms.

Professional foot fetish therapy

You may now understand what a foot fetish is but do you know where you can indulge in your wildest foot fantasies?

While many men do have an appreciation for women’s beautiful feet, most do not feel comfortable acknowledging it to their wives or girlfriends. In such cases, they look for a foot fetish experience with call girls or erotic masseuses.

If you have been hiding your love of women’s feet because you do not want to have to answer, “Why do people have foot fetishes?” if your partner asks, the best option really is an erotic massage with a special foot fetish element.

Masseuses take especially good care of their bodies and pay special attention to their feet. If you crave delightful foot fetish pleasures, their soft, white feet will be able to bring your dreams to life. They also have a huge range of foot fetish ideas that will make the experience even more pleasurable.

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