Couples Massage: what exactly to expect?

Nothing helps two individuals bond like shared experiences. When those experiences involve pleasure, they are even more memorable and create stronger bonds. A couples massage combines the pleasure of a massage with the magic of a shared experience. It can do wonders not just for your sex life but also your entire relationship.

What is a couples massage?

Some people are confused by the term ‘couples massage’. Upon hearing it for the first time, it is natural to experience some confusion about how does a couples massage work. Among the most common questions we get asked are whether they are two massages given one after another.

This is not true. Simply getting a massage from the same or another masseuse does nothing to help a couple actually bond. If the massages are given separately, be it in different rooms or at different times, the entire bonding experience is destroyed. It is the synchronicity of the adventure that is the glue that holds it all together.

So, no, a couples massage is not a massage given to a couple one after another. It is a massage given by two different masseuses to both individuals at the same time in the same room and usually in close proximity to one another.

Another question we are asked often is whether a couple massage means that two individuals simply massage each other. That, too, is a generally incorrect assumption.

A ‘real’ couple’s massage is far superior to two people massaging each other because it involves both of them being completely at ease at the same time. If one massages the other, there is a lot of physical interaction, yes, but that does not necessarily translate to deeper bonds of sensuality and love. When one person works while the other rests, the balance is lost.

An authentic couple massage experience puts both people at complete ease at the same time so they can revel in the simultaneous pleasure. The very fact that they both undergo the same touches which stimulate their flesh at the same time increases the value of the shared pleasures.

Masseuses who specialise in couples massage therapy undergo extensive training to be able to deliver the unique pleasures of this special massage. The basis of their training is the development of an exact timing that allows the pair to induce exactly the same pleasurable sensations within their respective clients at the same time. This is where no other form of massage cannot compare with the sheer unifying power of a couples massage.

Benefits of couples massage

Many couples have questions about the benefits of getting a couples massage because it may seem on the surface that it is not really that different from a nuru massage. We can assure you based on personal experience that the differences are many and that they are stark.

Couples massage benefits go beyond the physical. There is a metaphysical bond that is initiated and strengthened between the two people who share a couple’s massage. Here are three of them:

Special bonds

No, we are not talking about generic connections that two people may happen to feel for one another, we are referring to actual science here. Research has proved that a good massage releases a hormone called oxytocin into the bloodstream. Oxytocin is commonly known as the ‘love hormone’ in reference to its role of telling the brain to feel love and affection.

When a couple is experiencing the same pleasures in close proximity to one another (we recommend being close enough to reach out and touch hands when you want), they release pheromones into the air that stimulate each other to even greater highs. It truly is a wonder drug type of experience.

The healthier option

A couple’s massage usually is a means of celebrating a milestone or special occasion. We often see couples return on their birthdays and anniversaries. It is a time of bonding spent in the detoxifying experience of a massage.

On the other hand, most celebrations are usually accompanied by excessive consumption of unhealthy food and alcohol. An establishment that specializes in sensual massage will usually eschew alcohol altogether and have healthier natural food options for their clients. Isn’t the sublime pleasure of a sensuous massage much better than heartburn and a hangover?

Overall wellness

Waiting may be great for your patience but it really does nothing for your wellness. Instead of forcing yourself to leaf through a boring magazine you are not interested in as you wait your turn, a couple’s massage lets you get started together. The shared start, middle and end do wonders for stress management.

Get a couple’s massage New York

Now that you know what to expect at a couples massage, doesn’t it seem like the perfect way to spending a day getting closer to that special someone in your life? Couples massages are the perfect gifts for massage lovers as well as for couples who want to spend some quality time with each other.

Perhaps the hardest decision once you understand the wonders of a couple’s massage is the where to get one. Most saunas and professional massage specialists offer the option. We recommend getting a couples massage at Massage Envy, one of the most well-established places to get this special treatment in France.

Not only do the girls at this nuru massage haven have the training and expertise to handle a couple’s massage but they are also adept at a wide range of other massage specialities. You will be getting your massage from a team of professionals who have years of training and all the necessary qualifications. Best of all, Sweet Touch masseuses always deliver every massage with a smile that is infectious!

Why wait any longer? Reward yourself and impress your partner with this thoughtful gift of bonding and pleasure that she will love you for.