Expecting less, communicating more. 5 simple rules for a memorable Nuru massage

Erotic massage in NY gives unforgettable sensations, relaxes and excites, has a positive effect on health and mood. It is no wonder that this service is in great demand. Almost every visitor to our salon books a Nuru massage procedure in Manhattan. To give the client an unforgettable pleasure, our specialists adhere to certain rules in their work. Want to know more about them? Keep reading!


Before starting a session of Nuru massage in New York, it is important to create an appropriate atmosphere in the room: to dim the light, to turn on a little romantic music. It is recommended to use candles and essential oils.

This preparation is necessary because Nuru massage in NY implies complete trust between the client and the specialist. After all, both the patient and the masseuse are completely naked during the procedure, and without creating a romantic atmosphere, a man can not fully relax and get unforgettable sensations from an erotic massage session in New York.


Nuru massage in Manhattan involves alternating stroking, rubbing and kneading movements. Start with stroking, then make the action more intense but gentle. Throughout the procedure, do not lose contact with your partner, hands should be on his body at all times.

It is important to follow the sequence, smoothly passing from one part of the body to another. Particular attention is paid to the erogenous zones of the partner. You can touch the skin not only with your hands but also with your chest, hair, lips.

In the erotic massage, attention is paid to those parts of the body that are not studied under its other types. These include the wrists, the arch of the foot, palms and fingers, ears, back of the knees, buttocks.

All movements are performed smoothly, towards the heart. Throughout the session, the masseuse maintains contact with the client, catching his reaction to each action. Sometimes, she may ask him to give tips to understand what effect is most pleasing to the client.

Main rules

To make the Nuru massage in Manhattan the most pleasant and safe for the client, the specialist follows a few simple but important rules:

  • There is no rush. The body to body massage must be enjoyable and memorable in itself, not just a prelude to something more.
  • It is important to remove all distractions. It is necessary to create an environment that will unite the client and the masseuse and make them closer. This applies to the phones, it is better for the patient to disconnect the phones before the procedure.
  • All movements remain smooth and careful throughout the session, so as not to cause discomfort to the partner.
  • Natural components. During the erotic massage in New York, a specialist uses a special gel that uses only natural ingredients. Therefore, it will not cause allergies even for clients with high sensitivity.
  • Pleasant atmosphere. The client is completely comfortable because the masseuse takes care of his emotional and physical condition.

Book a session of Nuru massage in NY and get an unforgettable experience!